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Learning LATEX

I’ll follow guide in order to learn to use LATEX.


Summer project

I thought it would be a neat idea to push into my daily schedule a new task now that i’ m a bit loose.
I chose an 1hr/day summer project.
I started contributing to the messenger client i mostly used, which is in this case “emesene”.

Seems like a good way to make my first steps in python.


Generic References

After reading the following article

i became a bit sceptical about the uses of MySQL(innoDb), the only RDBMS that i am currently familiar with.

Popular alternatives are the following


a free and open source post ingres ORDBMS


a community driven branch of MySQL, much faster and optimized.


an ACID compliant RDBMS (licenced under GPLv3 for the community version)

VoltDb seems very promising to me, worth giving it a try.

Non relational database systems a JSON Db MVC MVP MVMMC Multi-tier architecture Database centric architecture
 Active Record ActiveJDBC

a very informative web dev architecture diagram

some more links for servlets mvc

using servlet sessions

Creating the database schema

using javascript with servlets


using google/bookmarks

Recently i’ve been searching for a way to safely manage my bookmarks. One of my requirements was to be able to store them online so that i could use them from any computer or operating system.

The features and the interface of google/bookmarks is very efficient, i’m starting to love it.


Getting to know mercurial and

Should post something like a tutorial when i’m ready.

Also i should thank the evernote developers visit evernote for helping me keep track of my daily+ schedule.

thanks guys!

Hello world!

First post. Well this is all about , taking some notes on my software developing experiences.